‘Therapy Clean’ of Somersworth is SBA’s 2023 New Hampshire Small Business Manufacturer of the Year

A picture of Anne Ruozzi with her husband and two children, all smiling next to Therapy Clean products.

Some would argue that cleaning is a necessary evil but most of us can agree that there is something special about a freshly cleaned living space or workspace. This NH-based manufacturer has taken cleaning to a whole new level bringing the perfect blend of effective plant-based cleaning ingredients and mood-enhancing essential oils together for an experience that provides great results while elevating your spirits. Meet Anne Ruozzi and James Dudra, Co-Founders of Therapy Clean-- SBA’s 2023 New Hampshire Small Business Manufacturer of the Year. Like their product line, they bring the right combination for success with the perfect blend of talent, ingenuity, and experience.

Anne grew up in Venezuela and is influenced by her love of Latin American design and décor. Her eye for design, feng shui, and cultural awareness is reflected in Therapy Clean's beautiful packaging and unique scents. James grew up in Hancock, NH, and always had a passion for entrepreneurship and product development. He is the formulator of Therapy Clean’s product range, which has won numerous awards from publications including Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens. Prior to Therapy Clean, he co-founded Filling Factory, a private-label cleaning product company, and Eco Touch, which launched the first comprehensive line of environmentally friendly car care products in the US.  James' passion for innovation and expanding new ideas is evident in his leadership at Therapy Clean where he works tirelessly to bring new and innovative products to market while striving to make a positive impact on the environment and people's lives.

Therapy Clean started in 2017 shortly after James and Anne finished their kitchen remodel complete with new stainless-steel appliances. They quickly found that the sparkling surfaces that looked so beautiful in the showroom soon became streaked, smudged, and dull. Not so dreamy after all. The couple scoured the market looking for a product that actually worked and didn’t make their kitchen smell bad but to no avail. Here the idea of Therapy Clean was born. After lots of trial and error, they launched their first product on Amazon. Still one of their best sellers, this product is now part of a full line of cleaners that embodied everything they had been searching for.

All the products are manufactured at their facility in Somersworth with their happy team of 13 employees. Products are blended, filled, labeled, and bottled for distribution nationwide. Therapy Clean is presently available for purchase online at Amazon and Therapy Clean, as well as at select Target and specialty retail locations throughout the United States including their local store in Somersworth.

Anne and James worked with NH Small Business Development Center (NH SBDC) advisor, Warren Daniel, for many years as he helped them navigate business operations and put them in touch with the right connections at the perfect time. They also work with NH SBDC’s Hollis McGuire most recently to help them navigate their efforts for requesting investment funds. “Having Hollis’ perspective allowed us to avoid many pitfalls, while also keeping us motivated during this tenuous process. We are grateful to have both Warren and Hollis on our side as the company continues to mature,” commented Anne. “We also thank Primary Bank for believing in what we are doing - they have been a huge advocate and ally,” added Anne. Therapy Clean is certified by the Women Business Enterprise National Certification (WBENC) Program which has been a game changer in connecting them to major retailers.  

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