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General LGPC Loan Application Submission Instructions

 Standard 7(a), Certified Lenders Program (CLP), International Trade Loan Program (IT)

Community Advantage (CA)


Small Lender Advantage (SLA)



Export Working Capital Program(EWCP)


Quick Links for Paying the Guarantee Fees and Monthly Reporting

 Loan Closing Instructions

Closing Docs- Lender to Retains In Their File

LENDER sends a copy of the following documents to the LGPC (if required by the SBA authorization)

LENDER sends the following document to Colson Services

BORROWER receives the following documents

 Loan Modification Instructions

  • For Specific Instructions refer to SOP 50 10 5 F (PDF)
  • Send your modification requests to: 7aLoanMod@sba.gov
    • Questions on Status: contact Marci Patrick (916) 735-1983 or Anita Jennings (916) 735-1693
    • Questions on Eligibility: contact Teri Hendrix (916) 735-1961 or Nik Van Vilet (916) 735-1973 or Mariebeth Torres (916) 735-1695