SBA is committed to providing access to our web site for all visitors. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, mandates Federal agencies make electronic and information technology that is procured, developed, used or maintained by the Agency accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes individuals with disabilities who are Federal employees or members of the public seeking information or services from SBA.

To ensure that we meet or exceed the requirements of Section 508, we continually review our site and modify web pages and documents to improve and enhance accessibility for people with disabilities.

Alternative Access to Web Information

Our website contains information in multiple formats including HTML, PDF, Word and Powerpoint. HTML is the default format for providing information. To help individuals using assistive technology access information, many files are available in multiple formats, including text-only formats.

All PDF documents created since 2009 have been re-tested for Section 508 compliance and are accessible to those using assistive technology unless otherwise labeled. Some legacy or older PDF files may not be accessible at this time, however SBA is working to convert all files to an accessible format and will provide a schedule for projected completion.


Achieving 508 compliance is an on-going process. If you have a problem accessing any information on, please contact our Section 508 Coordinators for assistance by emailing them at If you contact SBA, please let us know the nature of your accessibility problem and your preferred method of contact (email or telephone).

To report any technical problems such as a broken link, missing alt tag or other technical problem, please send an email to Please tell us where you found the problem and what happened when you tried to access the information.

If you need to convert PDF documents, Adobe offers conversion tools at its Accessibility Resource Center (