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Digital SBA

Learn about SBA's efforts to improve its online capabilities and offerings in the areas of services, mobility, engagement and security.

The SBA Strategic Plan is working to provide better access to information and to improve customer outreach and education. The SBA Information Resources Management (IRM) Strategic Plan directly aligns with goals from the SBA Strategic Plan and reflects the Agency’s dedication to optimizing and maintaining SBA’s IT infrastructure, identifying areas for IT efficiency and innovation, and investing in the IT workforce. SBA's efforts in increasing use of digital services and automation, in many instances, has been at the forefront and will build upon the U.S. Digital Government Strategy issued on May 23, 2012.

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    Digital Strategy Report

    A breakdown of SBA's digital strategy along with the status of activities.

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    Open Data

    Information about SBA's activities to make data resources available for public use.

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    Security & Privacy

    SBA is working to enhance the security of its data assets to protect against risks and ensure the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and continuity of its digital services and resources.