Upon receiving the SBA’s initial determination letter, a requester will have 60 calendar days to submit an appeal if the SBA has decided to deny a Privacy Act request for (1) access to records or (2) amendment or correction of records. All appeals must be made in writing, directed to this office as identified in the SBA’s initial determination letter, and addressed as follows:

FOI/PA Office
U.S. Small Business Administration
409 Third Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20416

This office will make a determination in writing. A decision affirming an adverse determination in whole or part will include a brief statement of the reason(s), include any Privacy Act exemptions applied and inform the requester of the Privacy Act provisions for court review of the decision. If the adverse determination is reversed or modified in whole or part, we will notify the requester that their request will be reprocessed in accordance with the appellate decision.