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GES 2015: Why the Smart Money is On Kenya

This week, I will join President Obama in Nairobi, Kenya, for the sixth-annual Global...

July 21, 2015


West Coast Lenders: Profit From Your Customers'...

The most competitive companies in your portfolios are those that have proven themselves...

July 28, 2015

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Starting a Business

This July 4th, We Salute Veterans Who Own Small Businesses

Independence Day is right around the corner, and as the preparation begins for 4th of July festivities, it’s important to recognize the...

July 02, 2015

Managing a Business

Summer Slowdown? Make the Most of It

While some seasonal businesses hit primetime during the summer, many others see a major slow-down as clients and customers go on vacation ...

July 29, 2015


#DreamSmallBiz: National Small Business Week Recap – Part One

Earlier this month, we celebrated National Small Business Week and honored small businesses and entrepreneurs for their hard work and...

May 22, 2015


How to Become a Small Business Government Contractor of Choice

So you think you're ready to sell to the government, but is the government ready to buy from you? Government buyers are a discerning group....

March 18, 2015

Health Care

Get health coverage for your small business employees anytime...

This blog originally appeared on Healthcare.gov. If you’re a small business owner, you know how important it is to offer high-quality,...

July 15, 2015

Industry Word

Let’s Pop the Bubble on Startups, Ideas, and Investments

Maybe it’s because business schools teach it that way. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to write about. Maybe it’s because of the dream and...

July 28, 2015

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