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Resources for Starting a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business

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Resources for Starting a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business

By JamieD
Published: May 5, 2010 Updated: August 27, 2015

Non-emergency medical transportation. What is it? How do you get started? What special considerations are there? We receive a lot of questions in the Community on this field, and w;ve put together this FAQ guide for answers to these questions and more on starting and operating a non-emergency medical transportation business.


What is a non-emergency medical transportation business?

Non-emergency medical transportation businesses transport individuals, generally the elderly and disabled, who are not in an emergency situation but need more assistance than a taxi service provides. These businesses are typically equipped to transport those in wheelchairs and in stretchers. They also transport ambulatory individuals- people who can walk but much more slowly, use a cane or a walker, or simply need some form of additional assistance in getting from Point A to Point B.


Is there a lot of competition in the non-emergency medical transportation field?

The non-emergency medial transportation field has become more and more competitive. Because there are always people that require transportation assistance, there will always be a need for these services.


How do I start a non-emergency medical transportation business?

Starting a non-emergency medical transportation business requires many of the same steps that a typical small business would- finding financing, registering, getting the appropriate licenses and permits, etc. In addition to these steps, there are additional considerations for licensees and permits, insurance, registrations, and payment options, which are described below.


What special licenses and permits are required for this type of business?

The nature of any transportation business means there will generally be a special requirement for a license or permit. In this case, your state designates the requirements for your business, and will require you to apply for and receive a form of transportation license. They may also require your business to become an approved provider with the state department of health and human services. In addition to this, many cities and local governments require you to obtain additional licenses or registrations. For example, the state of Oregon requires non-emergency medical transportation providers' similar to a taxi company' to register with the state. For those operating in the city of Albany, OR, they are also required to certify all vehicles used within city limits.


Check with your state and local governments and you state department of health and human services to learn all requirements based on your location.


What insurance precautions are necessary for this type of business?

Because you'll be operating vehicles to transport customers, your business will require a large insurance policy. Although the policy is cheaper than the insurance that emergency medical transportation businesses require, it can still be quite expensive. Check with local and national insurance providers to see the best rates available for the size and specifics of your business.


For more information, check out this two part series on small business insurance:


How do non-emergency medical transportation businesses collect payments from clients?

Private insurance companies rarely cover non-emergency medical transportation costs. In most cases, these costs are covered by Medicare or paid privately by customers. If your business is going to accept Medicaid, yo'll need to become an approved provider with your stat's Medicaid office. This office will help you become approved, get registered, learn how to submit claims, and help you with any other Medicaid related operations. For example, Oregon's Department of Human Services has a health plan (Medicaid) portal dedicated to non-emergency medical transportation.


What type of equipment is required in this type of business?

Once you've dotted the'Is and crossed all the Ts on your licenses and registrations, you'll need to obtain the vehicle(s) you'll be using for your business. Some business will start small with just one vehicle while others may start with a fleet. Your vehicle(s) will need to be in compliance with all required safety regulations. In addition to these regulations, your vehicle(s) will most likely need to be customized to add accommodations such as a hydraulic lift. Be sure that you've considered all specifications that will be necessary to transport each of your clients. Next, make sure that all employees driving the vehicles have a clean driving record, appropriate medical and assistance training, and are equipped to handle the needs of your clientele. Most states have approved training opportunities for these individuals.

For more information on safety regulations, visit your state's department of transportation website.


How should you market or promote your business to get clients?

When you're registered with your state as an approved non-emergency medical transportation provider, your contact information will be given to those who contact the state about this type of transportation. In addition to this, it's wise to speak with local retirement and assisted living facilities in your area. By notifying them of your services, you'll make sure they're aware of your business and you'll have a better chance of them offering your information to their residents.


For more information, check out Marketing to Seniors and Baby Boomers - Have you Senorized Your Marketing Strategy?



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Hey great help it is. Air ambulatory services business is growing day by day. Such business needs a lot of information and knowledge to succeed. Thanks for the post. This will be helpful to me too. :)
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How funny, I purchased the PMCS manual too - but I got my money back! Absolutely right - total generic info - it was like taking all the free feedback that you see on these sites and putting it together. Very little useful info.
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Is this the manual offered by medicalstaffingmanual.com? I think the manual was useful especially if you new to this business. It was really the only manual that had almost all the information i was lookin for to start in delaware. I still use the manual occasionally when am confronted with an issue. I onl wish they had the manual in a CD format. However, i found this site because am looking for some type of non emergency medical transporation accreditation or association in Delaware or nationwide for my business that is not EMT. Also not looking for BBB type of accreditation. Any recommedations?
Classic example that there is so much crap advice online. Listening to you I purchased NEMT manual from this site. Requested my money back - targeted? Your crazy!
I purchased the NEMT start up guide from PMCS and found it useful. It had general information in the introduction section, but it had a good business plan, info on pricing for NEMT services, how the nemt business works, step by step checklist to complete the start up and policies which were accepted in my state to get my license. It also has guidelines on how to get approved by logisticare which is very hard in my state. The human resources section was also useful since i was new to being a business owner. The forms included in the packet were also ok. For me the manual served it purpose and i think it was worth the money...wanted to put my two cents into it. They also have a great team and were there to answer any questions i had
Oh please, this is obviously an inside job and you are affiliated with PMCS. Sorry, but your manual is God aweful! That's why I asked for my money back! ALL of your contact names and numbers are outdated and obsolete. A "good business plan?!". That is the most generic piece of you know what. Clearly you have NO knowledge of the NEMT industry. The businessn plan you guys include in your manual is on a 5th grade level. Sorry, I don't like to be so critical, but you guys are obviously trying to misslead people trying to get into the NEMT and its not right. Nothing in your manual was practical for starting a legitimate NEMT business. "The forms are good and helpful?". Is this a joke?? I should have initially known better beause all you guys do is try and sell a bunch of different manuals to make some fast cash. I initially thought this was good and credible until I started reading your manual....then I realized you were selling so much crap just hoping something would make money. Thats why you have so many different manuals - your a jack of all trades and definitely a master of NONE! My recommendation - don't waste your money. You can make money in this business but you do have to work at it and it takes time. It is nothing like what you say in your manuals. Stop trying to deceive people! Your manual is crap paper.


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