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Tips for Entrepreneurs

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Tips for Entrepreneurs

By mbramble, Contributor
Published: June 8, 2015 Updated: June 16, 2015

As an entrepreneur every now and then it is important to take a step back and really take a look at the big picture and dive back in with refreshed energy. Here are few points to revisit and reevaluate after you get up and running.

Reach Out to Your Network

Maintaining relationships is a job in itself; this is why you should schedule it if you have to. As the old saying goes “your network is your net worth”. Often time’s entrepreneurs go on a networking campaign when they first start up and fall off once they open shop, when it really should be an ongoing exercise. Segment your network, keep all your online profiles up-to-date, reach out, and pay it forward.

7 Ways To Build Social Capital

How To Maintain Your Professional Networking Relationships

Give Back

Never forget to give back after your business is up and running. There are enormous business benefits from giving back. Community service builds credibility, helps to establish your business within the community, and reinforces your business values. You may also consider mentoring an aspiring business owner within your network!

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Never Stop Being a Student

We know that small business owners are time-starved individuals. It’s easy to go on autopilot when you have established a routine. However, it is important to have your ear to the ground and always remain a student. We live in a fast paced world; technology is ever-changing, new competitors will emerge, and you must remain engaged and up to date on changes and trends in your industry so that you can make better business decisions. Stay up to date with you knowledge community by attending industry events and participating in industry association. Take time to read industry publication and remain current on certifications and licenses.

Keeping Up-to-Date on Your Industry

Customer Experience Management

This is one of the most important things to continuously measure and audit. Mastering the customer experience can inspire return business, encourage word of mouth referrals, and help inform business decisions. Consistent brand experience throughout your business operations is good for employees, customers, and ultimately revenue.

Customer Experience Management

Five Small Changes That Make a Big Impact on the Customer’s Experience

Customer Service Training

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I think that to become the best entrepreneur, you also should: - Challenge yourself. - Take the risk. - Believe in yourself. - Have a vision. - Face your fears. - Have the right time to take action.
Great advise. It's too easy to get caught up in the day to day when running a small business, and lose sight of the bigger picture.
Great advise. It's too easy to get caught up in the day to day when running a small business, and lose sight of the bigger picture.

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