Gaye Walker

Deputy Assistant Administrator

Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Civil Rights

Gaye Walker is the Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights.  She has served in this capacity since January 2016.

She serves as a principal advisor to the Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights and senior executive staff on Equal Employment Opportunity, Civil Rights Compliance, workforce diversity and workplace inclusion matters. She provides leadership, direction and guidance on building and sustaining a diverse, high performing workforce and cultivating an inclusive workplace that is well postured to successfully achieve SBA’s mission. She has been with the Agency since 2005 holding various positions within the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Civil Rights from adjudicating complaints of discrimination from cradle to grave, Disability Employment Program Manager and Acting Assistant Administrator.

Prior to SBA, Gaye served in the EEO and Diversity and Inclusion arena at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for fifteen years.  She has 40 years of federal experience in the EEO, diversity, civil rights, and human relations’ arenas as a civil servant at various locations throughout the United States. As a seasoned EEO professional, she has established and conducted organization-wide training programs, increasing awareness of the strategic business benefits of effectively managing a diverse workforce and extending equal opportunity to all.