Isabella Casillas Guzman


Isabella Casillas Guzman was sworn in as the 27th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration on March 17, 2021. She serves as the voice for America’s 33 million small businesses and innovative startups in President Joe Biden’s Cabinet. 

Administrator Guzman has made supporting small businesses her life’s work. From a very young age, working beside her father in his chain of veterinary hospitals in Southern California, she gained a deep appreciation for the small business owners who define Main Streets in neighborhoods across America, deliver our products and services, and innovate to solve global problems.

Administrator Guzman spent her early career in the private sector as a founder, advisor, and consultant.  There she learned the crucial role small businesses play in creating paths to the American Dream. She went on to commit herself to public service -- serving as Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor at the SBA, and as Small Business Advocate for the state of California to help advance equity and opportunity for all entrepreneurs.

Under Administrator Guzman’s leadership, the SBA has continued to scale dramatically, while revamping programs and services to address crucial challenges -- delivering hundreds of billions in relief to help millions of small businesses survive the pandemic. Administrator Guzman leads with a customer-first, technology-forward and equitable approach. She will continue to work to transform SBA’s programs and services to meet all small businesses where they are – to deliver the capital, revenue growth opportunities and support networks all entrepreneurs need to start, grow and lead our reimagined economy.

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