Department of Transportation (DOT)

Compliance Contacts

Contact the following individual(s) to get more information on complying with Department of Transportation regulations:

Brandon Neal, 202-366-6397

Compliance Resources

The following agencies and offices provide compliance resources for small businesses:

Federal Aviation Administration Acquisition Policy and Contracting

  • Acquisition Policy and Contracting
    Plans, monitors, controls, schedules and implements the acquisition of material, equipment, and services for the National Airspace System (NAS) and for interagency and international programs.

Federal Aviation Administration International Affairs

  • Canadian Air Taxi Operators
    Canadian operators of small aircraft (fewer than 60 seats) that want to operate trans-border services between the United States and Canada must register with the Dept of Transportation, and provide evidence of insurance coverage for their operations.
  • Accident Plans
    Requirements for U.S. and foreign air carriers to develop and submit to the National Transportation Safety Board a plan to address the needs of families of passengers and other victims involved in any aircraft accident involving an aircraft of the air carrier and resulting a major loss of life. The requirement applies to both passenger and all-cargo carriers. All-cargo carriers are included in this requirement to cover cargo attendants, non-revenue passengers, and persons on the ground that could be affected by an accident.
  • Passenger Manifests
    U.S. and foreign airlines operating aircraft with more than 60 seats are required to collect information on the name of each U.S. citizen on the aircraft and to request the name and phone number of a contact for that passenger for all flights that have either an origin or destination in the United States.
  • Public Charter Flights Agreements
    All persons who wish to arrange public charter flights must first submit a charter prospectus to the Dept. of Transportation which contains information about the proposed charter program.
  • How to Become a Certified Air Carrier
    Information regarding the analysis and evaluation of all applications for new economic authority to determine whether the airline applicant is 'fit, willing and able ' to conduct commercial airline operations and that the applicants are U.S. citizens as defined by the transportation statue.

Federal Highway Administration

  • Doing Business with the Federal Highway Administration
    There are a large number of contracting and procurement opportunities to support the programs of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Most FHWA contracting opportunities are managed by the Office of Acquisition Management, which awards and administers contracts, grants and cooperative agreements for the highway Research and Development program, technical and professional services, Intelligent Transportation Systems, data analysis, information systems, laboratory equipment, and training to support the adoption of new transportation technologies. The Office also runs a simplified acquisition program to purchase supplies, support services, information technology, and other equipment.

    Contracting opportunities specifically for FHWA's Federal Lands Highway program include engineering services for planning and designing highways on Federally-owned lands, as well as construction contracts for building parkways and park roads, Indian reservation roads, defense access roads, and other roads on Federal lands.

Research and Innovative Technology Administration

  • Doing Business With the Volpe Center
    If you'd like to have the Volpe Center perform work for you or if you are a business and wish to bid on a Volpe Center contract, you've come to the right place. This page also provides information on the Department of Transportation's Small Business Innovation Research program and how to obtain information under the Freedom of Information Act.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Federal Transit Administration

Maritime Administration

  • Maritime Administration's Virtual Office of Acquisition
    This Virtual Office will provide you with all pertinent information regarding the agency's acquisition programs, including access to announcements/business opportunities, program-specific registration, links to applicable regulations and sites, and Questions and Answers previously asked.

Federal Railroad Administration

  • Office of Acquisition and Grant Services
    The Office of Acquisition and Grants Services is a centralized procurement office that negotiates, awards, and administers contracts, purchase orders, grants, inter-agency and cooperative agreements in support of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The office procures supplies, services, research and development, architecture-engineering services, information technology equipment and services, and other requirements related to FRA's mission.

Federal Aviation Administration Small Business Development

  • Office of Small Business Development
    To assist the DOT/FAA in identifying the world's most highly qualified small businesses, which includes women-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, and disadvantaged small businesses providing products and services that can be utilized in support of the FAA mission.

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

  • PHMSA Competitive Sourcing Program
    The goal of competitive sourcing is to provide more cost effective and efficient government services. Competitive Sourcing encourages the review of commercial activities performed by the government and provides the framework to make those activities available for competition with the private sector.
  • PHMSA Small Business Programs
    The site lists the Small Business point of contact and links to the Department of Transportation Procurement Forecast and the Department of Transportation Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization.
  • PHMSA Grants
    PHMSA now utilizes the Government-wide web site at to post all PHMSA grant opportunities, and receive applications for grants.
  • Office of Contracts and Procurement
    Welcome to the Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Headquarters, Office of Contracts and Procurement (OCP) Home Page. OCP is a full service contracting (small purchases, credit card program, contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and other transactions agreements) operation-providing support to many phases of the procurement cycle, including pre-post award contract functions, contract administration, and contract closeout.

Surface Transportation Board

  • Public Information - Resources: How to File
    Brief overviews of regulations governing how to file and how to participate in routine railroad regulatory matters.
  • Historic Preservation Overview
    Overview of National Historic Preservation Act implementation in railroad licensing proceedings at the Board.
  • So You Want to Start a Small Railroad
    Procedures and standards for authority to acquire and operate a line of railroad, especially operating or expanding a small railroad.
  • Surface Transportation Board Guide to Environmental Rules
    Assists in understanding and applying the Board's environmental rules. It highlights the various environmental and historic reporting requirements, notice requirements, those actions exempt from environmental and historic review, and the types of environmental documents generally prepared for actions before the Board
  • Overview: Abandonments and Alternatives to Abandonment
    Standards and procedures governing abandonment of rail lines, discontinuance of service on rail lines and alternatives to abandonment or discontinuance of service, such as purchase or subsidy of line.

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation

Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

  • What is the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program?
    The DOT DBE program is carried out by state and local transportation agencies under the rules and guidelines in the Code of Federal Regulations. The FAA also maintains a separate DBE program for concessions in airports.
  • Contracting Opportunities
    Public Law 100-656, Section 501 requires that the Department of Transportation (DOT), along with other Federal agencies make available its Procurement Forecast to the Small Business Administration and to interested business owners. This forecast is for informational and marketing purposes only and does not constitute a specific offer or commitment by the DOT to fund in whole or in part any of the procurements referenced herein. This listing is not all-inclusive. As additional information is obtained it will be posted on a time sensitive basis.

    DOT contracting opportunities are advertised in FedBizOpps prior to solicitation, however prospective contractors are encouraged to develop a general awareness of DOT's program and acquisition requirements.

  • Department of Transportation Small Business Contacts
    Each Operating Administration in the Department of Transportation has Small Business Specialists devoted to providing procurement information to small businesses and to act as their advocates in the contracting arena.
  • Capital Access-Short Term Lending Program
    The Short Term Lending Program (STLP) provides qualified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise's (DBE's) with access to short-term working capital at prime interest rates for transportation-related projects. The STLP provides revolving lines of credit to finance accounts receivable and other short-term costs of performing the contract(s) being financed. The primary collateral consists of proceeds of the contracts.
  • Minority Resource Center (MRC)
    The Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) was established under the authority of Public Law 95-507 and is responsible for promoting the use of small businesses in prime and subcontracting opportunities in accordance with Federal laws, regulations and policy. OSDBU also administers the provisions of Title 49 Subtitle I, Chapter 3, Subchapter II Sec 332, the Minority Resource Center (MRC) that includes the duties of Advocacy, Outreach and Financial Services.

    The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), has selected the following community-based organizations to operate as Minority Resource Centers (MRCs) to enable small businesses and small, disadvantaged business enterprises the opportunity to participate in contract or subcontract opportunities with the Department of Transportation. The Minority Resource Centers offer services such as, Market Research, Business Training, Counseling, Technical Assistance, and Access to Capital for transportation related projects.

  • Department of Transportation's Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
    The Department of Transportation is committed to encouraging and assisting well-qualified and skillful small, minority, and woman-owned businesses seeking contracts with the Department of Transportation. DOT's thirteen Operating Administrations (OAs) spend over approximately one billion dollars a year with the private sector. Currently, more than 45 percent of those dollars go to small businesses, with 17 percent going to small disadvantaged businesses or minority-owned firms and 4 percent going to woman-owned companies
  • The Marketing Information Package
    Information on contracting with Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as our Short Term Lending and our Bonding Assistance Programs. These two programs are designed to assist businesses (including Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE's), 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Businesses (SDB's), service-disabled veteran-owned, HUBZone, and women-owned businesses) performing on transportation - related contracts.
  • National Information Clearinghouse
    The National Information Clearinghouse (NIC) customer service representatives respond to inquiries and questions received through the dedicated toll-free number, (800) 532-1169, by written correspondence, or by e-mail.