Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Compliance Contacts

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Maria Tribble

Compliance Resources

The following agencies and offices provide compliance resources for small businesses:

  • Charity Fraud
    This web portal provides advice on how to wisely donate to charitable causes and how to legally solicit from others if raising funds

  • The State of Small Business Security in a Cyber Economy
    This is the text of a speech by Bureau of Consumer Protection Director to a Congressional Committee on "The State of Small Business Security in a Cyber Economy."

  • Onguard Online
    Provides tips on how to guard against Internet fraud, how to secure your computer and protect your personal information

  • Marketing of Refractive Eye Care Surgery : Guidance for Eye Care Providers
    This policy statement provides guidance to eye care providers that market their professional services

  • Contact Lens Rule : A Guide for Prescribers and Sellers
    This fact sheet is guide for prescribers and sellers of contact lens

  • Business Briefcase
    The FTC widely distributes this CD-ROM, which contains the most popular business-related information available on www.FTC.gov

  • Advertising Policies for Small Businesses : FAQs
    Small business guide to frequently asked questions about advertising laws and policies

  • Small Entity Compliance Assistance Policy and Civil Penalty Leniency Program
    This Federal Register notice explains the Federal Trade Commission's (1) Small Business Compliance Assistance Policy and (2) Civil Penalty Leniency Program

  • Guide to the Federal Trade Commission
    This web link provides a guide to what each Bureau and section of the Federal Trade Commission does, including statutory and regulatory issues

  • Avoiding Web Service Scams
    This fact sheet helps small businesses avoid website service scams.

  • Credit
    Federal credit and debt statutes; guides for advertising consumer leases and the credit practices rule; sample forms for credit applications; business rights under the ECOA; guides for use of credit reports by insurance companies, landlords and employers; disposal of credit reports by businesses; fact sheets for businesses on safeguarding financial information and for preventing identity theft.

  • Fair Packaging and Labeling Act
    Information on how to comply with laws governing labeling of consumer products. Includes guidance for metric labeling, Made in USA labeling, energy efficiency, environmental marketing, jewelry, precious metals and pewter industries, labeling alternative fuels; and textile, wool, fur and apparel matters.

  • Using Consumer Credit Reports : What Landlords Need to Know
    Fact sheet for landlords using consumer and credit reports to evaluate rental applications.

  • Competition and Health Care Issues
    The web portal contains guidance and enforcement information for health care and pharmaceutical providers.

  • Pre-Merger/Hart-Scott-Rodino Act
    Provides assistance for businesses seeking information about when and how to submit HSR premerger filings.

  • Tobacco Advertising and Promotion
    Contains compliance guides on advertising and health warning requirements for tobacco manufacturers, importers or retail sellers of tobacco related products; materials on Tobacco Industry Settlement.

  • Federal Trade Commission Guide to Marketing Telephone Services
    Guide to regulations and policy statements for providers of pay-per-call and other telephone services.

  • Telemarketing & Telephone Services
    Legal guides to businesses about telemarketing their products, whether for business, charitable, or political reasons; do not call list; registering to access do not call list.

  • Business Guide Regarding Products and Services
    Business person guides to consider when selling goods or services to consumers; warranty, labeling, delivery, use of personal information, advertising

  • Investments
    Statutory language for Hobby Protection Act, relating to markings on coins and other numismatic items

  • Regulations for E-Commerce and the Internet Services
    Guides for businesses that market or advertise on Internet; assistance with e-commerce transactions laws and regulations

  • Labeling of Textile, Wool, Fur and Apparel Products
    FPLA, Textile Fiber Identification Products Identification Act & Wool Products Labeling Act of 1939; Care Labeling Rule, Revised Leather Guides, generic fiber petitions, Cashmere Labeling Conference

  • Jewelry Guides and Information
    Enforcement guides for jewelry industry products, guides for metallic watch bands, watches, laser drilling issues, advisory opinions, staff opinion letters, law enforcement surfs

  • Truth in Advertising Fact Sheets for Businesses
    Frequently asked advertising questions, compliance guides, fact sheets, policy statements, and staff comments on various advertising issues

  • Scholarship and Employment Services
    Guides for private vocational and distance education schools, tips for hiring officials to avoid or spot bogus academic and work credentials

  • Federal Trade Commission : Privacy Initiatives
    Guides on Protecting Privacy, in areas of unfairness and deception, financial privacy, credit reporting, and Children's' privacy; Choicepoint; enforcement cases

  • At Home
    How-to-comply guides on work at home and other at home opportunities, like internet auctions, purchase of homes and home products, cooling off rule

  • Franchise and Business Opportunities
    Guidance to help Franchisors comply with Franchise Rule; Staff Report; Business Opportunity; Federal Register Notices and Rulemakings

  • Regulations for Diet, Health & Fitness Product
    Guides to help small businesses advertise & market for dietary, health and weight loss products; eye care specialists are a good example

  • Children's Issues
    COPPA guide; reports - Marketing Violent Entertainment, Privacy Online; Children's Online Privacy workshop

  • Automobiles
    Guides/check lists to Used Car Rule, Fuel Rating Rule, Labeling Alternative Fueled Vehicles Rule & Used Car Rule; sample Buyers Guide for used car sales; FR notice retaining Guides for Rebuilt, Reconditioned and Other Used Automobile Parts Industry; vehicle buyback project.

  • Energy Efficiency Claims and Labeling Requirements
    Current energy efficiency labeling requirements for consumer products issued pursuant to the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.

  • Registered Identification Number Database
    A registered identification number or RN is a number issued by the Federal Trade Commission, upon request, to a business residing in the U.S. that is engaged in the manufacture, importing, distribution, or sale of textile, wool, or fur products. Such businesses are not required to have RNs. They may, however, use the RN in place of a name on the label or tag that is required to be affixed to these products.

  • Made in the USA Standard : Compliance Information
    How-to-comply-with guide & enforcement policy statement for making Made in USA claims; enforcement and compliance history of the agency activities and links to documents from specific enforcement case, including investigative case closing letters.

  • Competition in the Health Care Marketplace
    Frequently asked advertising questions, compliance guides, fact sheets, policy statements, and staff comments on various advertising issues.