Success stories

Success stories

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    Ashley Williams graduated from the University of Southern California armed with a degree in journalism and a desire to put mark on the world. After working in the industry for a number of years, she...

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    Onyx Enterprises

    As early as high school, Tarolyn Buckles had her heart set on being an architect. But that all changed when the Michigan Department of Transportation visited her Detroit public high school and offered...

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    NPO Transportation powers large American enterprises

    Small businesses like NPO Transportation power large American enterprise, like the nation’s automobile manufacturers. Heading this Detroit area small business is Kathleen Eberle, one of the few female...

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    Beth Millner Jewelry

    Beth Millner launched in Beth Millner Jewelry in 2007 as a home-based business from her kitchen table in Marquette, Mich. From its inception, Millner has run her jewelry business by looking forward...

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    Detroit Chiropractor Provides Healing and Hope to Community During Pandemic, Through PPP Loan

    Some people are born with a keen sense of purpose--a passion to heal and help their communities. Dr. Cecil Forbes is one of those people. A highly respected and established community leader in Detroit...