Thunder Coffee

Dexter and Skyler Dutton – photo credit: M.Schlief Photography

WEST FARGO, ND - Founded in 2017 by brothers, Skyler and Dexter Dutton, and Skyler’s wife Nicole, Thunder Coffee began as a mobile coffee service.  They did pop-ups, catering and special events.  Two years later, the Duttons opened a brick-and-mortar shop in West Fargo.  This family-owned business’s goal from the start was to create a welcoming coffee shop that would provide a destination for community involvement, while serving great coffee

The Duttons had honed their craft, knew thay had a good product and were pursuing their goal of hosting community-based events, but there were things they didn’t know about running a business.

Nicole applied for and was accepted into the 2019 class of SBA Emerging Leaders (now T.H.R.I.V.E.). “You don’t know what you don’t know,” said Nicole. “SBA Emerging Leaders helped me understand where I need to focus my time and energy to effectively help my team. Our company is more specific with our business objectives and goals so we could be strategic in executing a plan.”

Today, Thunder Coffee is following the strategic plan they developed through SBA Emerging Leaders. In early 2020, they started roasting their own coffee beans. They continue to look for ways they can collaborate with other small businesses, artists and makers, to build community. And they continue to bring people together over coffee.

Photo Credit: M.Schlief Photography

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