Website content inventory

Section 207(F)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 requires agencies to develop an inventory of their website that lists categories of information and services available both now and in the future.


We determine the information and services available based on various criteria. This ranges from legal requirements and directives to mission-critical data and requested information. The following is a list of items that SBA provides on our public web site.


Priority 1: Urgent regulation and assistance information

SBA provides:

  • Disaster information, statuses, and declaration notices.
  • Performance and accountability reports to Congress.
  • Information on legislation, notices, and regulations.

Priority 2: Time-sensitive information

SBA provides:

  • SBA provides:
  • A list of assets available for purchase.
  • Press releases, audio/video releases, and news.
  • Forms and online applications (HUBZone, VetCert, etc.).

Priority 3: Information of interest to a broad spectrum of website audiences

SBA provides:

  • An overview of SBA – mission statements, directories, and biographies.
  • Online and informational training.
  • A listing of SBA lending, training, and counseling partners.
  • A listing of large companies that want to partner or subcontract to small businesses.
    • A listing of contracting representatives that track small business concerns.
  • Reports, guides, and data for research purposes.
  • Frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms.

Priority 4: Other information

SBA provides:

  • Information about SBA and its use of the web.
    • Access to an answer desk for users with further questions.
  • A program office mission and service overview.
  • FOIA/Privacy guidelines and policies.
  • Web viewer/reader standards, policies, procedures, guidelines, and statistics.
  • Local and regional reports, data, training/counseling, guidance, and financing.


SBA provides the information above as it is available, unless otherwise required by law. Please submit any questions or comments to the webmaster.

Additional information

For more information about the web content inventory and the E-Government Act, please visit Section 207 of the E-Government Act.

Last updated March 8, 2024