Reading Room

Welcome to the OIG Reading Room. The OIG is committed to providing easy access to information about OIG activities and raising awareness of identified challenges facing the SBA. From this page, you can access a wide variety of information, from news announcements and congressional testimony to top management challenges facing the SBA.

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  • Press Releases

    This page includes links to press releases issued by the Department of Justice and other investigative entities. Press releases provide the public with information on significant investigative...

  • Recent Investigative & Audit Actions

    This section contains Monthly Updates on activities of the Office of Inspector General.

  • Congressional Testimony

    This section lists all Office of Inspector General testimonies before the U.S. Congress. This list is presented in chronological order beginning with the most recent.

  • Top Management Challenges

    The Office of Inspector General annually identifies top management challenges for the SBA.

  • Semi-Annual Reports to Congress

    This congressionally required report summarizes the areas we reviewed and investigated over six month periods, the progress that the Agency has made, and our recommendations to help the Agency...

  • Other OIG Documents

    This page includes a variety of documents that may be of interest to the public which have been prepared by the OIG. The documents included on this page are other than those reports required to be...