Applying to be an SBIC

The SBIC Program application process is comprised of two distinct phases of review, each of which follows industry best practice in assessing the qualifications of SBIC applicants. Before submitting an application, prospective applicants are encouraged to schedule a “Pre-Screening” call with Investment Division staff to informally assess their fit with the program and obtain guidance on completing the application process.
  • The Pre-Screening Process

    Fund managers interested in seeking an SBIC License are encouraged to participate in a Pre-Screening call before preparing an application.

  • Phase I: Initial Review

    Learn about each step SBA’s Office of Program Development takes to conduct the initial review of an applicant’s qualifications for an SBIC License.

  • Phase II: Raising Private Capital

    Before filing a License Application and beginning Phase III, SBIC applicants must meet the minimum capital requirements.

  • Phase III: Licensing Review

    SBA’s Office of Licensing conducts a second review of applicant qualifications and finalizes the legal documents required to obtain an SBIC License.

  • Application Forms

    Download the application forms needed to apply for an SBIC License.