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SBIC program information and presentations

Statute and regulations

Accounting and valuation standards

SBA accepts FASB GAAP compliant valuations for non-leveraged licensees.

Appendix 14 provides guidance to SBICs on accounting policies and procedures, financial reporting to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and selection of an auditor. It also contains guidelines for independent public accountants engaged to conduct annual audits of SBICs.

Appendix 15 describes the policies and procedures which SBICs must follow in valuing their loans and investments. It also provides the techniques and standards which are generally applicable to such valuations.

Appendix 16 provides for two-digit number designations for major categories under which accounts are listed, and three-digit number designations for individual general ledger accounts.

Policy guidance

Credit and risk

SBIC Reporting Requirements

Funding the SBIC program

Leverage commitments and draws

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

To streamline procedural guidance regarding the SBIC Program, SBA published a single consolidated SOP document, SOP 10 10 0, which outlines the SBA guidelines for issuing and administering Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs). 

This SOP replaces all prior SBIC-related SOPs and Technotes, including, but not limited to, 10 04, 10 06, 10 07, 10 09, and Technotes 2 – 17.

Data reports

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Last updated May 10, 2024