Forms and guides

Use these forms and guides as you go through the processes of a licensed SBIC.


Licensing and program development

Private capital

SBA guaranteed leverage commitment

Type of SBIC Form
Standard and Impact SBICs

Form 27B Standard Debenture Opinion of Counsel

If you intend to issue either LMI or Energy Saving Debentures at some point:

Form 27C LMI Debenture Opinion of Counsel
Form 27F Energy Saving Debenture Opinion of Counsel

Early Stage

Form 27E Early Stage Discount Debenture Opinion of Counsel
Form 27D Early Stage Current Pay Debenture Opinion of Counsel

Submit the following selling documents:

Draw instructions and forms

Draw Application Instructions

Leverage Security Instruments (specific to the type of debenture leverage requested):

Type of leverage Form
Standard debenture

Form 444C Debenture Certification

LMI debenture

Form 2163 5-Year LMI Debenture Certification
Form 2162 10-Year LMI Debenture Certification

Energy Saving debenture

Form 2434 5-Year Energy Saving Debenture Certification 
Form 2433 10-Year Energy Saving Debenture Certification

Early Stage debenture

Form 2432 Early Stage Discount Debenture Certification 
Form 2435 Early Stage Current Pay Debenture

Prepayment instructions


Situation Form

Form 1031 Portfolio Financing Report
Form 480 Size Status Declaration
Form 652 Assurance of Compliance for Nondiscrimination

If you need a small business size determination.

Form 355 Application For Small Business Size Determination

If you're using an Energy Saving debenture to finance the investment and need a pre-financing determination of eligibility

Form 2428 Financing Eligibility Statement for Usage of Energy Savings Debentures

If you're a specialized SBIC

Form 1941B Financing Eligibility Statement - "Social Disadvantage" (For individuals who are not members of a designated group)

Form 1941A Financing Eligibility Statement - "Social Disadvantage" (For individuals who are members of a designated group)

Form 1941C Financing Eligibility Statement - "Economic Disadvantage"

If you're submitting a portfolio company to the SBA as a success story

Form 1926 SBA Success Story


The SBA will send the following forms to the SBIC prior to the examination:

  • Disclosure statement
    • Form 856 Disclosure Statement for Leveraged Licensees
    • Form 856A Disclosure Statement for Non-Leveraged Licensees
  • Form 857 Request for Information Concerning Portfolio Financing by SBICs
  • SBIC ownership confirmation
    • Form 1405 Stockholder’s Confirmation for Corporate SBICs
    • Form 1405A Ownership Confirmation for Partnership SBICs
Last updated May 25, 2023