Office of Field Operations

The Office of Field Operations is responsible for the direct execution of the Agency's products and services for America's small businesses.


Mission statement

The Office of Field Operations is the organizational unit of the Small Business Administration (SBA) that is primarily responsible for the direct execution of the Agency’s products and services for America’s small businesses, representing the critical link between the small businesses and SBA's policy makers. Field Operations is a critical part of the Agency’s responsibility to ensure stewardship and accountability over taxpayer dollars through prudent financial management and oversight.

About our office

The Office of Field Operations is the representative for SBA's field offices at headquarters. This office:

  • Provides policy guidance and oversight to regional administrators and district directors in implementing agency goals and objectives, and in solving problems in specific operational areas
  • Establishes and monitors performance goals for the districts
  • Serves as liaison and expedites issues for the regions and districts in dealing with Central Office, coordinating presentation of field views regarding Central Office
  • Organizes reviews of field offices


Each of SBA's ten regional offices maintains oversight responsibility and ensures that the goals and objectives of the Agency are met on a consistent basis by the district offices within its boundaries.


SBA’s 68 district offices are the point of delivery for most SBA programs and services. They work to accomplish SBA's mission by providing quality service to the small business community; and work with SBA resources partners, other partners and intermediaries to accomplish SBA's mission.



Contact us

Office of Field Operations
409 3rd St. SW, Suite 5600
Washington, DC 20416

Phone: 202-205-6808

Last updated March 19, 2024