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The Office of Capital Access helps make capital available to small businesses through banks and other lending partners.



The mission of the Office of Capital Access is to increase capital available to start and grow small businesses that cannot access capital through conventional sources, and to provide disaster assistance in the form of home and business loans for disaster survivors.

OCA offices

The Office of Surety Guarantees and the Surety Bond Guarantee (SBG) Program were established in 1970 to guarantee surety bonds for small businesses having difficulty obtaining bonds in the standard market.  The SBA program guarantees bonds for contracts up to $10 million. Program partners are reimbursed 80% - 90% of losses if the contractor defaults on a contract.

Office of Financial Programs Operations (OFPO) originates, services, and liquidates 7(a), 504, physical disaster, EIDL, and military reservist EIDL loans via a network of eleven loan processing centers across the country. OFPO’s mission is to lead the financial services industry through quality products and services to our partners and customers, and to protect the integrity of SBA loan programs.

Director: Jihoon Kim

The Office of Performance and Systems Management (OPSM) supports and modernizes OCA loan programs, information technology and operations. OPSM develops and maintains systems to support the SBA’s Guaranty Loan Programs (7(a) and 504), Disaster Loans, Lender Match, Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) loans, Fiscal Transfer Agent, Central Servicing Agent, Surety Bond Guaranty Programs, Direct Loans (Disaster/Microloans), and the credit risk management processes.

Director: Steve Kucharski

The Office of Financial Assistance (OFA) oversees SBA’s credit programs (7(a), 504, disaster loans, and Microloan) that provide capital alternatives for small businesses and disaster survivors, especially those not adequately served by conventional lending. OFA researches, develops, and updates regulations, policies and procedures regularly to reflect current laws and market conditions and to streamline program requirements for private sector participants using the business loan programs, and for disaster survivors in the disaster assistance loan program.

Director: Dianna L. Seaborn

The Office of Credit Risk Management conducts a continuous, risk based, off-site analysis of SBA's lending partners through the Loan/Lender Monitoring System. Lending partners may access their risk and portfolio performance information through the Lender Portal. In addition, the office performs strategic on-site reviews of lending partners' activities including the performance of their SBA lending operations and compliance with program rules and regulations. The Office of Credit Risk Management also assesses the quality of the overall SBA loan portfolio. Through this analysis trends are identified and analyzed. As a result of this trend analysis and assessment of other analytical risk indicators, the office is able to better understand lender and portfolio performance. Oversight of lending and investment partners and analysis of SBA's loan and investment programs are some of the Agency's most important functions. The office strives to help lending partners better understand how best to fulfill the requirements of the lending programs in a way that is mutually beneficial. Lending partners are crucial to the overall success of these programs and enable SBA executive management to make more informed decisions on program policy.

Director: Susan Streich

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