Instructional materials for trainers

Presentation decks and other curricula to help you work with entrepreneurs and new small business owners.


Use the following resources to help you in your work with aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. They are cost-free and don't require certification to use. They are also are written at a level to ensure that a community volunteer can feel comfortable presenting the information.

Business Smart Toolkit

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)Business Smart Toolkit is a ready-to-use workshop toolkit that lays the groundwork for helping new and aspiring entrepreneurs launch a business idea and understand the steps toward becoming a credit-ready business. It is designed for local community organizations whose constituents are interested in starting a business but don't know where to begin.

The information is laid out simply in three modules, which focus on:

  • Basics of business startup
  • Essentials of becoming credit-ready
  • How and where to find additional small business support and educational resources

Money Smart for Small Business

Money Smart for Small Business is a toolkit containing an instructor-led curriculum that provides an introduction to small business management topics. Developed jointly by SBA and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), this instructor-led curriculum consists of 13 modules that cover a wide range of interests and knowledge level of the targeted audience. Each module is available in English and Spanish and has three components including a text-accessible instructor guide, participant guide, and PowerPoint slides.

Glossary of Spanish terms

Access English-to-Spanish translations of official SBA terms to aid your work with Spanish-speaking clients:

Find official translations from English to Spanish

Access a glossary of official translations from English to Spanish used by SBA.

Last updated December 12, 2023