7(a) secondary market

There’s an active secondary market for loans backed by the SBA. As a lender, you can sell the guaranteed portion of an SBA loan, increasing your liquidity and enabling you to issue more loans.


SBA Secondary Market Program and Securitization Guide

The Secondary Market Program and Securitization Guide outlines the methods for Secondary Market sales of loan and pool certificate interests. The Guide also explains the primary functions of SBA’s Fiscal and Transfer Agent (FTA) and the securitization of unguaranteed loan interests into separate pool securities.

Secondary Participation Guaranty Agreement

Lenders participate in the Secondary Market Program by using SBA Form 1086 (executed by the lender, the investor, the Fiscal Transfer Agent, and SBA) to sell the guaranteed portion of a loan.

This Secondary participation guaranty is a contractual agreement which details the terms and conditions of the sale of the guaranteed portion of an SBA loan. The document provides sale data and related rights and responsibilities of all parties to the transaction, and can be used for each individual loan sale made by an SBA Lender.  

Active 7(a) loan pool assemblers

SBA maintains an updated list of its approved active 7(a) loan pool assemblers. The list also provides the primary point of contact for each active pool assembler in order to address any questions that may arise from the lending community.

Secondary market program summary

SBA retains secondary market program summaries for 7(a) loans per fiscal year. The summaries include, but are not limited to, historical data and analytics in loans sold into the secondary market, distribution of sales premium, and loan pooling activity

Schedule of 1502 report and payment due dates

View the SBA Information Notice regarding the Schedule of 1502 Report and Payment due dates for 7(a) Loans - Calendar Year 2021. The purpose of this notice is to inform SBA employees and lenders about the SBA Form 1502 report and payment due dates.

Multi-party agreements

These template agreements are used for secured credit and SBA securitizations involving 7(a) loans. You must submit these documents with requests for the SBA’s approval for these types of financing.

Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA)

Guidehouse serves as FTA for SBA’s 7(a) loan program. As FTA, Guidehouse is the central registry for all guaranteed individual loan and SBA pool certificate interests. Guidehouse also serves as SBA paying agent for all investor payments, and processes lender loan reporting and payment remittance reconciliations.  Guidehouse can be reached at FTA@SBA.gov.

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SBA lenders finance small businesses

Lenders that work with SBA provide financial assistance to small businesses through government-backed loans.
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