SBA Leadership

Learn about SBA leaders and their commitment to help Americans start and grow businesses.

Regardless of where our staff is located, their commitment is universal—to help Americans start, build and grow businesses. In carrying out SBA’s mission each day, we work collectively to advocate for small businesses, empower the spirit of entrepreneurship within every community, and deliver the results necessary to help America’s small businesses succeed. Meet just a few of our leaders in this section.

Name Title Office
John Miller Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Capital Access
Elias Hernandez Chief Human Capital Officer Office of Chief Operating Officer
Maria Roat Chief Information Officer Office of Chief Operating Officer
Joseph P. Loddo Chief Operating Officer Office of Chief Operating Officer
Mina Wales Deputy Assistant Administrator Office of Communications & Public Liaison
James Rivera Associate Administrator Office of Disaster Assistance
Larry Stubblefield Assistant Administrator Office of Diversity, Inclusion & Civil Rights
Lori Gillen Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Entrepreneurial Development
Nina Levine Deputy General Counsel Office of General Counsel
Jackie Robinson-Burnette Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Government Contracting & Business Development
Delorice Price Ford Assistant Administrator Office of Hearings & Appeals
Hannibal "Mike" Ware Acting Inspector General Office of Inspector General
Eugene Cornelius, Jr. Deputy Associate Administrator Office of International Trade
Michele Schimpp Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Investment and Innovation
C. Natalie Lui Duncan Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer on detail as the National Ombudsman / Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness (Acting) Office of the National Ombudsman
Yolanda Swift Deputy National Ombudsman for Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Office of the National Ombudsman
Tim Gribben Chief Financial Officer Office of Performance Management and Chief Financial Officer
Dorrice Roth Deputy Chief Financial Officer Office of Performance Management and Chief Financial Officer
Adriana Menchaca-Gendron Associate Administrator Office of Small Business Development Centers
Barb Carson Associate Administrator Office of Veterans Business Development
Craig W. Heilman Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Veterans Business Development
Name Title Office
Robert Nelson Acting Regional Administrator Region I
Elizabeth Moisuk Regional Communications Director Region I
Alfred Titone Acting Regional Administrator Region II
Carl B. Knoblock Acting Regional Administrator Region III
Chris Hatch Regional Communications Director Region III
Brenda Jones Administrative Resources Coordinator Region III
Elliott O. Cooper Acting Regional Administrator Region IV
Lola Kress Regional Communications Director Region IV
Eric Ness Acting Regional Administrator Region V
Andrea Roebker Regional Communications Director Region V
Latrice Thomas Administrative Resource Coordinator Region V
Dottie Overal Acting Regional Administrator Region VI
Darla Booker Regional Communications Director Region VI
Virginia Geary Administrative Resource Coordinator Region VI
Wayne Bell Acting Regional Administrator Region VII
June Teasley Regional Communications Director Region VII
Stanley Nakano Acting Region VIII Administrator Region VIII
Christopher Chavez Regional Communications Director Region VIII
Robert Blaney Acting Regional Administrator Region IX
Dawn Golik Acting Regional Communications Director Region IX
Maribel Plascencia Administrative Resource Coordinator Region IX
Nancy Porzio Acting Regional Administrator Region X
Melanie M. Norton Regional Communications Director Region X
Name Title Office
Alan J. Haut Deputy District Director North Dakota
Robert S. Steiner District Director Illinois
Michael P. Arriola Deputy District Director North Carolina
Jayne Armstrong District Director Iowa (Des Moines)
Herbert Austin District Director Texas (Dallas / Fort Worth)
Jennifer Baker Deputy District Director Oregon (Portland)
John L. Banks Deputy District Director Delaware
Amy Bassett District Director Maine
Wayne Bell District Director Kansas (Wichita)
Robert J. Blaney District Director Arizona
Maureen E. Brinkley District Director Missouri (St. Louis)
John L. Brown II District Director South Dakota
Angela R. Burton District Director Texas (Lower Rio Grande Valley)
Edward Cadena District Director Colorado
Darcy Carter SBA Vermont District Director Vermont
Julie Clowes Deputy District Director District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)
Yvette T. Collazo District Director Puerto Rico
Elliott O. Cooper District Director South Carolina
Calvin Orlando Davis District Director Texas (Lubbock)
María de los Ángeles de Jesús Deputy District Director Puerto Rico
Terri L. Denison District Director Georgia
Antonio Doss District Director District of Columbia (Washington D.C.)
Lynn Douthett District Director North Carolina
Shivani Dubey Deputy District Director Arizona
John F. Fleming District Director Delaware
Karen Friel District Director West Virginia
Michael J. Gallagher District Director North Dakota
Dr. Ricardo Garcia District Director Ohio (Columbus)
Ruben R. Garcia District Director California (San Diego)
Wayne Gardella District Director Montana
Beth Goldberg District Director New York
Gil Goldberg District Director Ohio (Cleveland)
Martin D. Golden District Director Oregon (Portland)
Dawn Golik Deputy District Director California (Fresno)
Miguel E. Gonzalez Assistant District Director Lending Relations Florida (South)
Wilfredo J. Gonzalez District Director Florida (North)
Althea Harris Assistant District Director for Marketing and Outreach Area 1 (Miami) Florida (South)
Mark S. Hayward District Director Rhode Island
Jonel Hein Deputy District Director Florida (South)
Raymond W. Hembree Deputy District Director Alabama
Anne Hunt District Director Connecticut
Dr. Kelly Hunt District Director Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh)
Tim Jeffcoat District Director Texas (Houston)
Greta Johansson District Director New Hampshire
Michael T. Kane Deputy Director Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Carl B. Knoblock District Director Virginia (Richmond)
Amy Lea District Director Wyoming
Antonio (Tony) Leta District Director Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
Nancy Libersky District Director Minnesota
Constance Logan District Director Michigan
Vince LoPresti Assistant District Director Marketing and Outreach Area 2 (Ft. Pierce) Florida (South)
Reynald R. Lops Deputy District Director Texas (Lubbock)
Kenneth Q. Lujan Branch Manager Hawaii
Shannon Madsen Deputy District Director Idaho (Boise)
Francisco A. Marrero District Director Florida (South)
Joe McClure District Director California (Sacramento)
Carlos G. Mendoza District Director California (Fresno)
Leon J. Milobar District Director Nebraska
Stan Nakano District Director Utah
Edward Haddock District Director Arkansas
Robert H. Nelson District Director Massachusetts
Eric Ness District Director Wisconsin
Dottie Overal District Director Oklahoma
Frances A. Padilla Deputy District Director Colorado
Bernard J. Paprocki District Director New York (Syracuse)
Victor Parker District Director California (Los Angeles)
LaTanya Channel District Director Tennessee
David Polatin Deputy District Director Massachusetts
Nancy Porzio District Director Alaska
Stacey Poynter District Director Indiana
Tong Qin Deputy District Director & Director for Asian American and Pacific Islander Outreach California (San Francisco)
Mark Quinn District Director California (San Francisco)
J. Adalberto Quijada District Director California (Santa Ana)
Ben Raju Acting District Director Nevada
Gary Reed Deputy District Director Mississippi
Jon Malcolm Richards District Director Missouri (Kansas City)
Michael Ricks District Director Louisiana
Ralph Ross District Director Kentucky
Anthony Ruiz District Director Texas (San Antonio)
Jane A. Sawyer District Director Hawaii
Franklin J. Sciortino District Director New York (Buffalo)
Phillip C. Silva District Director Texas (El Paso)
Virginia Smith Branch Manager New York (Buffalo)
Robert S. Steiner Acting Deputy Associate Administrator Illinois
Janita R. Stewart District Director Mississippi
Joshua R. Stutzman Assistant District Director Business Development Division Florida (South)
Alfred Titone District Director New Jersey
Tom Todt District Director Alabama
Stephen D. Umberger District Director Maryland (Baltimore)
Name Title Office
Jeffrey Browning Deputy Director Birmingham Loan Servicing Center
Tanya N. Garfield Director Disaster Field Operations Center – West (FOCW)
Roger Garland Center Director Disaster Assistance Processing & Disbursement Center (PDC)
Colleen M. Hiam Director Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center
Sonya Hubbard Director Birmingham Loan Servicing Center
Charles L. Jones, Jr. Deputy Director El Paso Disaster Loan Servicing Center
Modupe A. Oguntolu Center Director El Paso Disaster Loan Servicing Center
Frank Skaggs Director Disaster Field Operations Center – East (FOCE)